DCG has worked consequently to become an influential player in the global recovery services market. As a result, we can offer you a unique collection service. In addition to that, you only need one partner and gateway.
Nowadays business is done with one klick around the world. Consequently, some clients can leave you with unpaid bills or bounced credit card payments. In other words, recovering your money is sometimes far from easy. Especially when your customer resides not in your local jurisdiction. Therefore, DCG opens doors to the recovery of your unpaid invoices.
Firstly, we contact your customers in his language and in accordance with local laws. Secondly, we offer trust, help, and solution.
Hence DCG operates national and international in debt collection.

DCG´s Vision - Mission - Values

Our vision is to become the most successful company in international receivables management. We understand international customs better than our competitors and have better answers for our customers.

World-class service for national and international customers.

Our daily mission is simple. Responsibility is our strength. Competence leads us to success. Business intelligence makes a difference.

All parties working with DCG can expect maximum attention from us every day.

Our most important values are trust, transparency, knowledge, sustainability, and respect. The values help us to be successful for our customers and to stay with ourselves.

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